Tamiko Nimura

“The Finest Work Songs: A Tour of Seattle Artists Working Together” (on Seattle-area artistic collaborations): (10/9/12); (10/15/12, Alan Lau and Susie Kozawa); (1/17/13, Jürg Koch and Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring); (4/17/13, Gabrielle Nomura and The Relay Dance Collective); (12/17/13, Joshua Parmenter and Phil Kline’s Unsilent Night); (2/15/13, Rosalind Bell and “Miles of Words That Matter”)

Series, “The Show Must Go On” (a “working artist” series about preparing for Drunken Telegraph, a storytelling show)

  • Part 1: The Show Must Go On (4/10/12)

  • Part 2: The Story We Tell Ourselves (4/17/12)

  • Part 3: The Structure And The Stakes (4/27/12)

  • Part 4: Off the Page (5/4/12)

  • Part 5: Behind the Scenes (An Interview with my Producers) (5/16/12)

  • Part 7: A Deep and Generous Listening (6/1/12)

  • Part 8: On With The Show (6/11/12)

Commissioned 2-year series on being Nikkei in the Pacific Northwest: